Traditional makeup or mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup makes a huge impression on the cosmetics industry in recent years. Large companies stand out and make a difference in the products we put on our face. So, how do you choose to use mineral makeup or traditional makeup?

Minerals made up of minerals is a natural makeup using the goodness of the Earth. It has many positive qualities that could put it to the front of your selection list.

One of the main is the fact that minerals are good for your skin. Here are some of the ingredients a good mineral makeup a, without harmful chemical ingredients …

• Titanium dioxide has waterproof and solar protection properties while offering a beautiful matte look.
• Mica has transparent properties and allows makeup to move smoothly
• Iron oxides give makeup its pigmentation
• Zinc oxide is known for its healing properties in problematic skin such as rosacea and acne and can actually calm irritated skin. It tends to stay, even by transpirant and swimming, as well as the extra natural protection of the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Another quality of mineral makeup is that it does not change pores. It helps keep your skin clean and clear that can reduce irritation and acne in most people.

Mineral makeup is ideal for sensitive skin. Women who have suffered from irritation of chemicals in makeup know how difficult it is to find a good product that their face can love. Minerals, because of their purity, have been chosen to those with sensitive skin for a long time.

Mineral makeup gives your face a great blanket. Whether you like light blanket or heavier cover, you can get the look you want with mineral makeup. You can change the amount of product you use to get the unwavering blanket you like. This makes your face smooth and sweet. He never spoils or settles in your lines. In fact, with continuous use, some lines and wrinkles can be treated and not seen. Liquid makeup tends to settle in a ride or line and makes them the most important.

With these great qualities, it is difficult to find reasons to use traditional makeup. Fortunately, beauty companies convert traditional makeup into mineral makeup. Some products always have a long way to go as far as using only pure minerals, but they are better. The use of severe chemicals on your face is increasingly acceptable.