Top Sex Myths to Avoid

Fantasy is a barrier and should be avoided during sex:

It’s completely wrong. Fantasy is something that opens your mind and body to stimulation. It is guaranteed that fantasy will provide a better sex. Fantasy for you and your partner will increase your feeling. Only the best sex can come from fantasy because it allows you and your partner to experiment with the things that get you both excited. In order to experience a more complete orgasm, you must also be mentally mentally attracted.

Best sex comes from more sex:

This will result in unrealistic expectations and a lack of ambition to focus on solving sexual problems. There are many sexual problems that will not leave, no matter how many times you have sex. Someone can be a great sexual partner their first time, but can be horrible during their thousandth. Why? Sex will not go better over time, unless new things are tried. Without the variability and attempt of new things then after many times to have sex, it will simply seem boring and it will lead to a lack of passion. This lack of passion will decrease your ability to be lit and that this lack of passion will be detected by your partner, then they will be disabled.

You should also avoid this myth because some sexual conditions, such as premature ejaculation, are generally done throughout the sexual life. If someone undergoes premature ejaculation of their first times during the sex, they will generally say that it is because they lack experience. However, PE is generally done continuously throughout their lives. In addition, the inability to be excited is another problem that is usually not solved by the practice of having more sex.

Sex is all about penetration:

Well, somewhat, but penetration and vagina should not be the main constituent of sex. Sex should have an exploration and try new things. Sex should be to feel the contact, anywhere, from your special partner. Penetration is also not usually the most satisfying thing for women during sex. What is more satisfying most women is oral sex. So do what guys for next time. If penetration becomes the main concentration and concentration during sex, all other activities will not seem as important as they should. Preliminaries and oral sex can both be appreciated as greatly as penetration. You must think about all the types of things you can do during such separate sex, rather than just to the other.