Top 5 Ways to Make Maternity Clothes Both Cute and Comfortable

Top 5 Ways to Make Maternity Clothes Both Cute and Comfortable

Pregnant women everywhere unite in their happiness to be able to wear (without judgement from friends and strangers alike) their jogging bottoms and baggy t-shirts to a family evening meal and their Harry Potter pyjamas to Asda.

However, if you are a stylish mummy-to-be who still wants to dress in fashionable and on-trend items of clothing, then you have clicked on the right article.

Here are five ways to make maternity clothing both cute and comfortable.

1.    Try Out Bodysuits

Firstly, one of the most useful items of clothing you can add to your pregnancy wardrobe is that of the humble body suit, which you can wear underneath a flowing skirt, elasticated trousers or indeed, on its own when relaxing at home.

Bodysuits are especially practical when shopping or on the school run in the early morning, as unlike regular t-shirts, they never ride higher up your body and reveal anything. Just make sure that any bodysuit you wear has a simple popper fastening at the gusset, in preparation for the many times that, as a pregnant woman, you will need to go to the bathroom.

2.    Treat Yourself to a Few New Statement Pieces

If you have a fuller figure and want to ensure that you are secure yet comfortable in your maternity clothing, then you should definitely take a look at, where you can view a huge array of different types of maternity dresses, tops, trousers and underwear for a curvier frame.

Remember that it is entirely possible to wear oversized clothing and still feel as if you are out and ready for the day, especially due to the fact that oversized t-shirts and jackets are trending right now.

3.    Invest in Some Bra Extenders

The third method of ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in your maternity wear is to invest in some good-quality bra extenders.

Just a simple piece of fabric, it clips onto the hook on one side of the fastening and the eye on the other side to easily transform your preferred comfy bras into larger ones as your breasts grow.

4.    Try Out Some Sock Boots

Whether you are pregnant during the hot summer months, or in the (arguably slightly easier to deal with) winter, a regular dress or skirt and top combination can be made instantly bougie by the addition of a great pair of boots.

However, ankle swelling is unfortunately one of the most common accompanying side effects of pregnancy and it is highly likely that your boots will simply refuse to fit after a few months. Instead of becoming stressed trying to force your pre-pregnancy shoes onto your feet, instead treat yourself to sock boots, which are entirely elasticated and will stretch to your feet and ankles as they swell.

5.    Wrap Coats

Finally, to top your fashionable outfits that are both comfortable and stylish, the best coat or jacket to wear whilst pregnant is one that has a simple belt-tie fastening that can wrap around your body.

A good-quality wrap coat will pull any outfit together, and wonderfully, will continue to fit as your baby bump grows.