Owning an Electric Scooter: 101

Owning an Electric Scooter: 101

Electric scooters are not only an affordable means of getting around, but also a stylish and fashionable hobby that quickly becomes a passion and even obsession for many.

Here is an incredibly useful guide to owning an electric scooter, which covers some useful points to consider before buying one, and some of the numerous life benefits such an investment provides.

Stick to Your Budget

Whether you have already invested in a top-of-the-range electric scooter and are prepared to pay (often) over the odds for repairs and replacement parts, or you are currently looking for the perfect bike for you, it is important to stick to your budget.

Moreover, if you intend on looking into electric scooters on finance, this will afford you a much broader range of options when it comes to makes, models, and finishes. It would also be worth pointing out that, as a general rule, brand-new electric scooters tend to halve in their worth over the first four years of riding.

Choose the Right Scooter for You

You may be requiring or indeed have already bought a scooter for entirely practical reasons, either to reduce the amount of money you pay for your daily commute to work or as an easier way to get around.

As with different makes and models of motorcars, different scooters suit the differing needs of individuals, and this is why you need to establish the type of scooter that is right for you.

Here are some key points to bear in mind when buying your next electric scooter:

  • Check that the scooter comes with at least one original key set
  • Check how the engine sounds when running and if it can start from cold
  • Check the appearance and condition of both tires
  • Check if all the lights work correctly and are clear
  • Check whether or not the exhaust has rusted over beyond belief

Always Wear a Helmet

Even if you are literally just nipping down to the end of the road to post a letter (which is more than a little lazy in fairness), you still must ensure you are always wearing a helmet.

For any journey that is longer than a few seconds, in fact, you should not only be wearing an approved and safety-assured helmet, but also the correct protective gear. Some people wrongly assume that, as electric scooters tend to not be as speedy as motorbikes, they can get away with normal summer wear and a helmet, but this could be to their fatal detriment.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Just like when driving, it is essential for you to keep your eyes (and indeed your concentration and focus) on the road ahead—both physically and in the context of checking the local weather forecast and adjusting your route accordingly.

Diminished visibility is virtually a guarantee for both motorbike and electric scooter riders as soon as the rain starts to pour, and not only is your line of sight affected, but so too is the time needed to safely brake at lights and corners and the level of skill needed to avoid slick puddles on the road surface.