Makeup remove tips at night

There are two types of makeup – oily and non-oily. Non-oily makeup spots come from eye shadows, wound makeup and powdered makeup. For oily make-up spots (such as coverage), usually liquidated soap or shampoo will eliminate these makeup stains, but when it will not know, sprinkle it, sprinkle the soda bicarbonate directly on the spot. Makeup, then brush the area with an old wet toothbrush until makeup. left. Oily make-up products include mascara, liquid makeup, red and lipstick. Most makeup can be removed from so treated clothing properly. Avoid sticking your clothes when you dress hanging a handkerchief on your face before shooting a shirt or using your hand to keep the pass away from your face. Be careful not to stretch the necklace, though.

If the garment is not dry clean, use a “energy cleaning fluid” directly on site. There are several things you can try to eliminate lipstick stains from clothes. First try to rub the stain with a non-oily make-up solvent. Select a cleanser adapted to your skin type that has also been tested for the removal or ventilation of makeup. Some soaps and cleansers do not really clean your makeup skin. First, delete the makeup of the eyes. Using a cotton ball or washing cloth, apply a make-up remover for the eyes and gently clean the eyes and the area under the eyebrow. Clean until all traces are removed. This is useful for taking off the shadow of the eyelids, the lining of the eyes and mascara. Remove the waterproof mascara and eye lining with baby oil or baby shampoo.

Second, clean the face. Do not clean the face or neck with soap. Splashing your face with lukewarm water, the best temperature for laating and facilitating the decomposition of makeup. Facial cleaning must also include the neck and area behind the ears because oils can accumulate. Apply the foam all your face and rub slowly, focus on where you applied makeup.

Spend a minute to retract your path to make sure you have cleaned all areas. The lipstick is a stain of oily dye, then rub the vegetable oil with a cloth. You can also use mineral oil or WD-40 lubricant. A non-greasy spot can go out when rubbed with a baby wiping or a clean cloth that has been plunged into a liquid detergent. If it does not work, moisten a cloth with a shampoo or dish soap and try carving the spot.


1. Cleaning the face must also include the neck and surface behind the ears because the oils can accumulate.

2. First, delete the makeup of the eyes. Because some eyepieces are prolonged wear, water alone will not delete all traces.

3. Remove the waterproof mascara and eye lining using baby oil or baby shampoo.

4. Second, clean the face. Do not clean the face or neck with soap.

5. Rinse your face several times to remove the cleaner and makeup residue.

6. Type your dry face with a towel.