Liquid mineral makeup – the perfect choice

People with an associated type of skin often feel that their face looks like a patchwork quilt after using the mineral mockup of powder. It is indeed true because the face shows dark and bright unequal areas separated from smooth stains and flashlight.

Do not worry! The solution to this problem exists as mineral makeup in the liquid form. Only a few companies, including images of grapes, Maybelline, Illuminare, Jane Iredale, Glominerals, etc. Manufacturing and market Liquid mineral products. Such makeup is generally found in the form of the face foundation.

Safe and healthy choice

Makeup in the liquid form contains all the qualities and advantages of all that was present in mineral cosmetics powder. The only difference is the consistency of makeup and ease of application. Mineral cosmetics in liquid form also guarantee that the skin is protected against bacteria and skin irritation caused by organic materials. Indeed, the mineral makeup does not contain extracts of plants or animals. In addition, this helps your skin stay healthy the natural way because it does not contain any horse, perfumes, chemicals, artificial dyes and additives.

In addition, the makeup in the liquid form does not contain mica, formaldehyde and bismuth oxychlores that guarantee that the skin has radiant air, without the unwanted brilliant. It allows the skin to breathe the skin too because it does not contain parabens and oil. Liquid makeup is also completely natural, which does it only the perfect choice.

With regard to the aptitude, the liquid foundations are suitable for people with dry and flaky skin. This is because the powder makeup makes its appearance of the skin and feel dry, dehydrated and itching. It provides additional convenience, as because of the natural formulas SPF15, it becomes a makeup and also serves as solar screen lotion.

Do it yourself

This makeup can be done at home personally using your own skills. In addition, it is very easy to prepare. Everyone must do is take a DAB of moisturizer or foam and add a bit of powdered makeup. Then apply this mixture systematically to your normal and dry face for complete, or even.

However, rather than using your fingers, there are special application tools for liquid mineral makeup. These tools are in absorbent sponge and are in the form of thick brushes that can maintain the liquid and sweep. In fact, you can use any tool and application method that you want, the way you would do for any other liquid makeup.