How to have sex more often – Try these 5 tips

What causes a woman to not like to have sex and why she likes to keep it that way? Can a guy do something to reverse this? Here are 5 ways to make fun sex for you and her.

Why does a woman delete sex have sex

Before trying to overcome the obstacles to a great sex life, it will be useful to understand what causes it to not like to have sex.

Although most women are able to express their misfortune, some choose to hide their feelings. If your wife behaves in this way, your sex life can be seriously affected. Sexual intercourse will be like crossing the motion because it is not emotionally linked and sexually connected to you. Even worse, she can hold sex and use it as a trading chip.

A woman who feels neglected by her partner or whose husband has deceived it can prevent her desire from connecting sexually. For her, there is a lot of harm in the relationship and sex is not an easy cure. If the guy refuses to deal with this issue by seeking ways to solve the problem with an open discussion or by asking for professional help, he will not find a sexual partner arranged.

Of course, there are women who never enjoy sexual intercourse. Although some will try to solve this problem with their men to seek ways to make the most of their sexual relationship, others are resigned to the idea that sexual frustration is with them to stay. With meaningful expectations, it will not be able to have orgasm.

How to Fix a Low Sex Relationship

Although there is no guarantee of a quick solution, the following ideas should at least start the bearing of the ball before the situation is too serious to demand the services of a counselor or therapist.

(1) Pay attention to it

It is incumbent upon all guys to become intimately informed of the woman he wants to have great sex with. You must pay attention to its signals in everyday life. You must know what she loves and does not like and understand what makes your wife feel angry, injured, insecurity or loved.

(2) Avoid making it feel treated as a sexual object

While a man offers love to have sex, a woman must feel emotionally connected before she wants to make love. If you are only kind with her when you want to have sex with her, she will only feel that you treat her as an object of sex. The main sexual organ of a woman is her brain. If you do not work on his brain by making her feel loved and respected as a partner and your wife, she will not be lit by one of your sexual techniques. Therefore, treat it with kindness and consideration in and outside the bedroom.

(3) Ensure it

When it is naked, make it with appropriate and touching comments. Women who are worried about the way they look out there are less likely of orgasms easily during sex. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Sex Research, women who feel embarrassed or ashamed of their bodies have fewer sexual experience and are less sexually affirmed.

(4) Strengthen emotional intimacy

This can be done by regularly having a real communication regularly, which I mean both talking and listening carefully. If there are any disagreements, solve them as soon as you can protect yourself from anger and resentment. It is also necessary to make an effort to spend time together. Couples who can relate to others and share activities together tend to be more active in sex.

(5) Take advantage of the process and not be concerned about the result

It is necessary to recognize that sex is not always perfect. You must learn how to relax and go to the time and enjoy the process. If the result is not what you expect, see this imperfection as a rewarding experience and a chance for you to improve it later.