How to find a good rental agent

If you are new in the rental of real estate, the first person you will need on your team is a real estate agent. A good real estate agent is the most important person on your team because he / she will be the one who:

Allows you to know the rental properties available for sale and coordinates the projections.
Helps you educate you on the company’s details regarding the local market (the best streets in the neighborhood, tips for manipulating tenants, etc.).
Provides references from professionals that you will need as your investment activity progresses.
Coordinates purchase and sales transactions, including all trading, fence and associated documentation.
Requirements of a good rental agent

You will want a specialized agent in investment properties because this segment of the market is dramatically different from the main residence segment. First of all, the bargaining strategy is different. For example, investors are generally more patient than owners in terms of waiting for the best offer because they bring rental income. As a result, the sense of urgency is lower than someone who, for example, must sell his home because of the removal of employment. Similarly, much of the emotional element of the transaction is eliminated when buying or selling rental goods, because in these cases, the numbers are king.

In addition, you will find that a specialized agent in rental properties tends to have access to “hidden” lists, because their sellers are also likely to be investors, and it is in the best interest of the Agent to have both the buyer and the seller of the transaction either his clients in order to maximize his commission.

In addition, when looking for rental properties, you will need to work around tenant schedules and have an agent who knows how to contact tenants can help in many situations. For example, if the tenant does not know the appointment and you are essentially simply “appear” without the knowledge of the tenant, a qualified agent to appease the tenant so that you can view the property while you are already there will save you a lot aggravation. .

Where to find a good agent

In your search results, count the number of investment housing per estate office. Call the list office that has most properties for sale and say that you have seen a property you want to inquire. You will be transferred to the registration officer, which will probably be the ownership agent for the main investment in this specific office. Tell this person you are looking to buy rental properties for investment purposes and simply ask if you can be their client.

Work with your new agent

Ask your new agent to send you all the lists of active rental properties in your target area. Then you can execute numbers, make driving lines and finally set time to physically inspect the main possibilities of the complete list.