How to Cook Turkey – Three Popular Cooking Methods

Are you going to the morning cuisine of Thanksgiving Draining Turkey Dry? Have you ever wished to be able to discover perfectly cook a turkey? Then you read the right article. The first thing the nervous cooks must understand is that there are 101 ways to cook a turkey – traditional culinary techniques at the tip of the tip.

You do not need to be a cook master to make a tasting bird, but know which options are available greatly. Ready to learn more about how to cook a turkey?

Three methods of cooking a humid turkey

1. Roast

The most traditional method for cooking a turkey is roasting. The average recipe calls for an oven temperature of 325 degrees. To prepare a turkey for roasting, you want to rinse it thoroughly, grasp it inside and out with flavors that your family loves, then put it in a roasting pan with water in the background. Water retains the drops of combustion (you will want those of the sauce).

Loose the turkey loosely with an aluminum foil. For every four pounds of insufficient Turkey, you will need an hour’s cooking time. If you have a kitchen thermometer, place it in the thickest part of the turkey’s chest. The meat must be 165 degrees to be safe for consumption. In addition, experts recommend that you keep the stuffing outside the bird (mix and put in an anti-oven container, placed in the oven about 1 hour before the end of Turkey). It’s also a good time to eliminate the aluminum leaf to get a beautiful crunchy skin.

Finally, the key to a good roast to Turkey is rest time. When you pull the turkey from the oven, let it be intact for about 20-30 minutes before sculpting. This prevents moist turkey.

2. Turkey Roasted in the oven

By deciding to cook a turkey, turkey oven bags are an excellent alternative to traditional roasting. Supermarkets carry safe plastic cooking bags for the oven. The temperature of your oven is now 350 degrees F. Note that your pastry stove must completely contain the bird and the baking bag – the bag develops during cooking and if it touches a part of the oven, it will melt .

As with a Turkish roast, you should dry your bird before placing it in the bag. Consider adding onions, a peeled orange and another tasty aromatic to the cavity of Turkey to give it even more flavor from the inside. Cook according to the instructions of the cooking bag packaging.

The alternative to the oven bag is a good quality plastic film. You can pre-marinate the turkey, brine, put butter and seasonings under the skin and / or the season, then wrap the bird in a plastic film. Follow with an aluminum sheet completely covering the bird.

Now you can cook Turkey one in two ways. Turn the oven to about 375 If you want a steam-cooked turkey or you can transform the temperature to 250 degrees and cook the turkey (about 2 hours by four entire bird birds). In both cases, you can remove the packages from your turkey 30 minutes before serving if you want crisp skin. If you use the slow cooking method, increase the heat on 375 for this last amount of cooking time.

3. Baked oven

The bake in the oven is similar to the use of an oven bag or wrap in what you cook the turkey. Your oven should be preheated to about 340 degrees. Place the turkey in a covered roast (bird stuff with vegetables or aromatics as with Method 2). The time required for cooking is similar to traditional roasting.