How to cook salmon – Tips and Tricks

Salmon is a versatile fish because there are many different ways to cook fillets. This is a healthy protein filled with omega 3 fatty acids that have many health benefits, ranging from enhanced brain function to heart health. Salmon has a beautiful natural taste so you can choose to cook and serve it without murder or you can add various spices to add more flavor. The most popular salmon cooking method includes baking, frying or wild hunting. Read on for some practical tips on how to cook salmon.

To bake your salmon, place the fillet on the tray that has been sprayed with olive oil spray or salmon wrap in foil with various spices such as experimenting with different spices and spices or a series of lemon sauce. Cook the fish in an oven that is heated for around 15-20 minutes or until it is cooked to suit you (notes – cooking time can vary depending on your fillet size). Serve salmon without season with mayonnaise and sliced ​​lemon. For experienced fillets, no need to serve with additional spices. Serve salmon with a mixed side salad for a healthy and healthy dinner.

Delicious pan-fried salmon or cooked on BBQ. As with the cake method, you can fry or bbq salmon without herbs or you can spice up with salt & pepper or crust of herb. When fried, the outside of the fish can be crispy, especially if you turn on the skin. Spray fish with olive oil spray or brush with olive oil before cooking it on medium-high heat until cooked to your wishes (usually around 4-5 minutes on each side.) Serve salmon with your favorite combination of salads or vegetables.

The healthiest way to cook salmon is to take it. To do this, the contents of a medium-sized pan with about 5 cm of water and boil. Place the salmon gently in the water, then reduce heat so that the water becomes a soft and rolling simmer where small bubbles appear around the fish. Cook the salmon in this way for about 8 minutes, or until the salmon becomes opaque. You can spice up the liquid to provide additional sense of salmon. Try the hunt for salmon in several stocks of chicken or vegetables, or in milk with bay leaves and some pepper. Boiled salmon is very chipped or chopped and used in salads, sandwiches, and rolls or in addition to quiche or stirred through pasta.

Regardless of how you choose to cook salmon or spices that you add (or not), after you know how to cook salmon, you can enter this fun fish into your family’s diet.