How to cook roasted beef

The roast beef is one of the most popular meals or even a snack for most people. It’s simple and this clearly has the distinct beef taste. It can be served with all the favorite channels such as potatoes and vegetables for dinner, or just between two pieces of bread for a simple sandwich.

The roasting is ideal when using large meat cups. For beef, there are a number of ideal cups for this cooking process. Longe is a very tender part of the beef behind the ribs, usually a more expensive cut, but is ideal for roasting. Examples of lanyard cuts are the net and the tripotence. Behind the lanyard is the turn. The round section is generally tender, so a common choice for the most part. Roast to the rump, especially the roast boneless croup, is most often used for occasional daily cooking. Before cooking, the meat must be at room temperature to ensure that during the roasting process, the beef is heated and cooked.

To season the meat, it can simply be salt, pepper and / or garlic, although the meat can be seasoned with a marinade or friction. A marinade is a solution where the meat is soaked for at least one hour or two so that the taste impregnates through the meat and helps to make roast tender and juicy beef. Others prefer to marinate meat during the night before cooking. Dry rub on the other hand, is simple a mix of different seasonings and herbs that are rubbed on the meat before cooking. Salt, pepper, basil, garlic, lemon, rosemary and thyme are some of the current seasonings and herbs used as rubbing.

A shallow saucepan is preferred for roasting. This ensures that the heat is evenly distributed over the meat thus, the cooked cooking uniformly. As in any cooking done in the oven, preheat the oven before cooking the roast of beef. The cooking time depends largely on the size of the beef cut. It is also possible to consider the amount of fat and bone in the meat, as well as the grade of meat.

Although there are general rules for cooking time, a meat thermometer is a must to make sure the meat is cooked to the preferred Ness. For those who prefer roasted beef rarely cooked, 9 minutes must be devoted to the meat book with the temperature of the meat at 120-125 ° F. For the middle, it is about 14 minutes of cooking time for each book of meat, with a central temperature of 145-150 ° F. for cooking well done, 18 minutes per book are ideal with a central temperature of 155-165 ° F. After cooking, it is ideal to leave the roast beef rest. between 15 and 20 minutes covered with sheet. This allows the juices of the meat to stabilize and ensure that it is still juicy when carved and served.