Casual Style Guide for Men: 6 Tips to Help You Look Great

Casual Style Guide for Men: 6 Tips to Help You Look Great

Looking great in casual gear doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be expensive. And it most certainly doesn’t require you to wear something you dislike every day or go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. There are lots of simple, inexpensive things men can do to improve their casual look, including the things listed below. These tips will help you look great while dressing casually:

1.      Stick to One Colour

Sticking to the same colour for both your top and trousers is a tip that is under-used by men. This combo helps to elongate the body, making you appear thinner and taller, as it doesn’t cut the body in half visually. It is also great for highlighting your favourite accessories, such as a Rolex watch, a designer pair of trainers, or a colourful belt.

2.      Use Similar Shades

If you’re not keen on wearing the same colour on top and bottom, why not try wearing similar shades instead? The slight difference in the colour between your top and trousers can make a massive difference in how your outfit looks.

3.      Add a Pattern T-Shirt

Adding a pattern or a graphic t-shirt is a great way to add novelty and interest to your outfit. While accessories like belts and watches can do this, this is a simple solution when you need to step it up a notch. Start with the classics, like a shirt with polka dots, before branching out to your favourite Led Zeppelin t-shirts from a site like

4.      Polos Look Great

Another great style of top which looks great is a polo. These tops can help give any outfit a smart-casual feel. The great news about this item is that you’ll be spoilt for choice, as many different options are available.

5.      Choose Your Trousers Carefully

Choosing your trousers carefully is essential when creating a casual outfit that looks great. One of the best options for casual trousers is chinos; however, if you’re not keen on the fit of this type of trousers, stick to well-fitted jeans instead. Jeans have been the backbone of casual outfits for over 70 years, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon, as they can easily be dressed up or down.

6.      Invest in Luxury Trainers

Even when dressing casually, putting your best foot forward is essential. Luckily, we’ve seen astounding growth in the luxury sneakers market over the past few years, with new high-end sneakers being released. However, if you’re not a fan of trainers, you’ll be pleased to hear that these aren’t the only type of shoes that look great with a casual outfit; desert boots, boat shoes, and loafers all look amazing too.

There are plenty of rules in life as it is; however, some are there to guide and help us. This includes the rules that govern how we dress well. Of course, we all have our own opinions on what dressing well looks like, and what works for one might not work for another, but the tips above are a great starting point for men wanting to dress casually and look great.