Advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing

The term marketing is essentially referring to information on the value, use, benefits and benefits of the product to the customer or buyer. Marketing is divided into 2 direct marketing and indirect marketing categories.

It is very important that every business in today’s world know how to market a product no matter if you sell a hairpin or plane, you must market your product. It’s not going to sell.

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is basically a system where once the goods are manufactured and ready to use, they are sold directly to the consumer using different marketing methods that directly connect the buyer to the goods directly, and there is no no means involved.

This is done by connecting directly to the consumer using different modes such as telemarketing, email marketing, SMS, social media marketing, etc.


From the point of view of the customer or the consumer, the advantage is that it does not increase the price of the product they buy, compared to products that are not marketed using direct marketing techniques. This would involve an increase in prices due to the commission of retailers and wholesalers

From the manufacturer’s point of view, it gives them accurate and appropriate comments on their product in terms of customer reviews because they communicate directly with consumers and should not necessarily depend on the information of retailers or other intermediaries involved.


The disadvantage of direct marketing is that most people do not like to be addressed directly by people who want to sell them something. In other words, people hate being sold too, but they like to buy. They feel they will discover a product when they want to buy it.

From the point of view of marketing or marketing manager, they prefer these direct marketing methods because you do not waste energy, time or money, as they reach potential customers directly.

How to use direct marketing?

If you want to use direct marketing techniques for your business, here is a list of some methods and how you can use them.

Advertisement by e-mail

In today’s world, everyone uses e-mails to communicate, sending an email directly to the person is a very effective way to market, but you must be careful not to spam. You should have the permission of the person to send them by email. You can do it by asking them if they are comfortable to provide their contact information so you can send them an email. But you should remember to always allow them to unsubscribe or stop emails.


It’s a direct marketing method that most people do not like much or do not prefer they do not feel they should not be disturbed at any time of the day asking them if they are interested in buying or to use a service or product. The best option is to record a voice mail from the offer and send it to the user and they can block or accept the call according to their wish.


Another method of direct marketing that is very useful in today’s world sends a bulk SMS to a list of potential customers that it is better than telemarketing, because the customer does not disturb and can check the text message later when he feels.