A Small Company Marketing Strategy Template

How To Produce A Small Company Marketing Strategy.

(For that purposes want to know , I’m using one particualr small company marketing strategy for any website design company)

1. Identify Your Ideal Client: a small company owner who:

Doesn’t have an internet site

Includes a website however is not getting results

Wants Google Places setup and/or optimised

Uses a Facebook business page setup

Really wants to boost their business in your area, not condition-wide or across the country

2. Suggests note regarding your Ideal Client (research them well):

Usually male between day of 25 to 50

Must know he requires a website (and can lack understanding and most likely be considered a little scared of websites and Search engine optimization)

Is frustrated – phone isn’t ringing, having to pay out money for website and/or Search engine optimization but no results, experiencing a good degree of discomfort regarding their marketing (publish Phone Book)

Understands how to perform a Search although not anything else online – so need a mix of offline and online marketing strategies

3. The Service our business offers will:

Be considered a temporary project oriented to construct and/or optimise websites, not lengthy term upkeep of websites or Search engine optimization

Try to get client strong fast results – Google local ranking, new clients

Depend on lower to earth, results oriented, high credibility, no ‘bull-s@#’ approach – ALL MARKETING MATERIAL MUST convey this in copy-writing, testimonials, videos, photos, look and overall feel.

4. Strategies: (all geared to achieve our Ideal client)

Our Business Website – Online (only needs a Search with best keywords Direct Response Marketing Geographically targeted Achieve High Search Ranking


Get Opt-in and Giveaway on website by the following month

Networking – Offline Owner enjoys and it is proficient at it


Find proper networking groups to go to and participate in short term

Joint Ventures – Offline Owner proficient at building these relationships Can delegate to some sales repetition or marketing company over time


Find other appropriate companies (printer, accountant, etc) that will permit our business use of their clients or refer us for their customers for any benefit/fee.

Create a internet based follow-up system

Develop material for JV partners for referrals

Referrals – Offline Referrals from SME’s who’re pleased with outcomes of SWM’s service Will occur naturally with time


Develop material to inquire about referrals at effective completing projects

Initially get video and print testimonials

Create a internet based follow-up system

Direct Promotion – Offline and online


Target Companies already spending cash online with AdWords, still using Phone Book, classifieds in local papers, etc

Delegate this like a particularly developed advertising campaign

5. Make sure Measure EVERYTHING – with specific goals, specific periods, specific steps that may be counted and tracked. Do that on the relatively small , affordable sample so not throw away cash on unproductive marketing.

Next steps to do your online business marketing strategy:

Set specific goals

Complete listing of Steps, periods, measures for every goal

COST The Program AND Make Certain You’ve Plan For IT!

Make it. Roll it based on priority, chance and budget.

Make sure Measure ongoing – so you don’t waste money and time on something that isn’t working.

Review plan monthly


This small company marketing strategy template is one thing any small company can use to work within their market. The most crucial elements are knowing just who is the ideal client and knowing just what are the services you’ll and won’t provide.